At Metta Girls, we understand that practising self-love supports us to approach life with greater levels of joy, enthusiasm, compassion, gratitude, confidence and resilience. When we have a healthy, loving relationship with ourselves, where we offer self-awareness, encouragement and support, we naturally relate to life and the people we encounter in the same manner. 


In our workshops and coaching services, we teach through the lens of self-love; exploring how to adopt mindsets, tools and practices that improve self-worth and highlight the value of self-care in supporting us to thrive.








Through working closely with adolescents for several years, and reflecting on her own experiences as a teenager, Renee is passionate about sharing her insights and wisdom to help young people adopt mindsets and practices that will empower them to thrive through adolescence and beyond.

Renee has been teaching upper primary and middle secondary students at a number of public and private schools in Australia and the UK for over 10 years. Her most recent role has largely involved working with Year 7 students, supporting them in their transition to secondary school.


Possessing a keen interest in health and wellbeing, Renee has studied courses in personal growth, nutrition, mindfulness, youth mental health and teaching meditation.


Email us directly: info@mettagirls.com.au


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